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Unlocking Your Inner Strength is about finding your inner and outer strengths. Learn how you can step into your greatness. This show blends Mind Mapping, philosophy and a lifetime of being a strength coach and bodybuilder.
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Feb 20, 2024

Late last week, I had an interview with a top level longevity doctor, Akash Bajaj, from out on the west coast.  


We talked about a lot of stuff, mindset, hormones and what he does to help his patients and clients live better, more vibrant lives.  


And he’s got a really cool story that he tells at the beginning about how he was literally a witness to the twin towers coming down on 9/11 and being a first responder on the scene.  


Amazing stuff!  


You can follow Dr. Akash on IG at akashbajajmd.  


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Feb 13, 2024

15 years ago, I met Devon.  Even though it seems like a year ago! 


Being that today is Valentine’s Day, I figured I would share our little love story with you on today’s show.  


As with anything, there are lessons embedded and the top students will always be able to pull those lessons out and apply them to their own lives.  


Patterns were the reason we found each other and patterns were why I tried to break up with her.  Take a listen and you will understand why.  


Feb 6, 2024

Last week, I had a great talk with my friend from Alabama, Layne.  


We had been wanting to do a podcast for a while, and the timing eventually worked out.  


In this episode, we go over why fasting is the #1 thing you should put in your toolbox if and when SHTF.  


We also go over our views and thoughts on what is going on in the world and a few predictions.  


That might not be your cup of tea, no hard feelings if that’s the case.  


If you like this episode and want to hear more of them like this, let me know!


You can check Layne on and get in touch with him through is Instagram @lanebullger


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Jan 30, 2024

Get Healthy to Lose Weight


Last week, I had the pleasure of having renowned functional medicine Doctor, Tim Jackson, on my show.  


Tim and I have a deep interest in each other’s work, in fact, I was on his show back in the fall to talk about all things fasting.  


We go into a lot of very interesting things in this episode, including gut health, the quality of the air you breathe and how to make sure your mitochondria is functioning at their peak.  


You are, afterall, only as healthy as your mitochondria say you are.  


I know that from all my fasting and cold tub therapy that my mitochondria have become younger.   We go into it in more depth and I think you will find some stuff that you can put to use right away.  


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Jan 23, 2024

When one of my great friends and mentors, Sweet Lou, asked me to out to Ohio with him this past week, I had no idea how busy of a week I was going to have.  


But, as my schedule filled in over the months since he asked me, I realized that it was going to be ‘a lot’.  


I had just gotten back from South Carolina and quickly had to turn around the next morning, train, hang with the kids for an hour before school and then back off to another airport.  


On the way, we were just about there when we found out our flight was canceled.  


I told Devon that it looked like with the snow we wouldn’t be going.  


Well, we did wind up going and it was awesome.  


In today’s episode, I start off by telling you about our Odyssey to get out to Ohio and some of my key takeaways from the fellow men and pastors.  


This one will hit you with a lot and hopefully it causes you pause and reflection.  Take what is useful for you at this moment and discard the rest.


Jan 16, 2024

Way back in 1997, I went to the library to take out a book.  




Now I have about 3 books delivered to the house each week, ha!


What was the book?  It was a book by Dr. Dennis Waitley, I don’t recall the name of it.  


It was about visualization.  


Odd book for a teenager, no?


Well, that really set me on to tapping into the power of the mind and it’s something that I have been studying and applying ever since.  


In today’s episode, I share with you some of the key experiences and moments in my life that have helped me to develop my Mind.  


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Jan 9, 2024

The week before Christmas, I had a great interview with my new friend, Dr. Dean Jones of Colorado Medical solutions.  


Dean had reached out a while back because he saw some of my videos and wanted to connect with another true practitioner of long form fasting.  


You see, many talk, but don’t walk.  Or at least don’t ‘walk it’ very often.  


And we had both helped literally hundreds upon hundreds of direct students and clients.  


In this episode we go deep on so many things that you would be curious about regarding fasting, including: 


-peptides and all the rage about Ozempec


-Inflammation and insulin resistance


-Calories in vs. calories out, BS


If you’d like to get a copy of Dr. Dean’s amazing book, shoot a text to 720-465-1200 and he will send you over a FREE e-copy! You can follow him @coloradomedicalsolutions on IG too! 


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Jan 2, 2024

Back in 2008/09, I hired my first personal Coach.  


I was very intrigued by his approach to training as well as cycle diets, since it aligned with the path that I was on but he was decades ahead of me in experience.  


Truth be told, what really drew me to him was his approach to the mind, body, spirit connection.  


The training was just icing on the cake.  

In fact, one of his books, ‘Your Truth is Calling: Connecting the Dots to Self-Awareness’, is still one of if not the best self-development book I’ve ever read.  


In today’s episode, I share with you the top 3 things I learned from Scott and how I have implemented them into my life and how you can do the same.  


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Dec 27, 2023

I remember back to when I was competing and trying to balance a life alongside that.  


I would bring tupperware everywhere with me and if wasn’t a cheat day, I WAS NOT fun to go out with.  


I missed far too many moments trying to ‘stick with my diet’.  


It was silly.  


I learned a lot, but I now try to FREE people from that type of mindset and that prison of dieting.  


In today’s episode, I go over Mind Mapping, how to navigate the holidays with fasting and some of the deeper benefits of fasting as well as hormones involved. 


It’s an awesome episode!  


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Dec 19, 2023

It’s hard to believe that it was already a week ago that I was down in Houston preparing for a presentation to AAM, a large financial institution.  


Believe it or not, I had speaking on a large scale stage like that on my vision for 2023.  


Dreams do become a reality, when you take the time to invest your energy into them.  


So, what did I learn from my talk?  


A lot!  And I am not really talking about the content of which I spoke, although I learn that stuff deeper each time I teach too.


I am talking about my trip, my mental preparation, what I did or didn’t do to get into the proper mindset.  


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Dec 13, 2023

What I Believe About Marketing


I began studying training back in 1997.  


I opened my business officially in 2007.  


In 2007, I began studying marketing.  


To the point that I have probably invested more time, energy and money learning marketing than I have training or nutrition.  


It’s a passion of mine, because of how much psychology is involved.  


Seriously, I read a good sales letter like most guys look at porn or IG models.  I get jacked about reading good sales copy.  


You may be thinking, ‘What is sales copy?’  or you may be thinking, ‘YES, another marketing nerd!’.  


Either way, I think you’ll like this episode and get some cool stuff out of it.  


A lot of people have been coming to me more and more for things like marketing, so I figured I will start sprinkling this type of stuff in.  


Don't forget to follow me on IG @thepandamanofficial and on YOUTUBE @thepandamanofficial


You rock! 

Dec 5, 2023

25 plus years ago, I fell in love with strength training.  


Even at that point, I was on a never ending quest to learn the true ‘Secrets’ of strength.  


And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that there are no secrets.  


There’s a better way to do things, an optimal way, especially if your goal is to have your strength and fitness carry over to everyday life, and why wouldn’t that be your goal?  Unless you were a professional bodybuilder.  


In today’s podcast, I give you the lowdown on insider training wisdom that I’ve accumulated over the past 25 years.  


Take what is useful and discard the rest.  


Be Unconventional - Panda Man


P.S. - For more information and some awesome FREE stuff, you can check out my website at 


Nov 28, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a half day with my long-time Coach, Vince.  Vince has been Coaching me for over a decade.  


It’s rare to have a Coaching relationship that lasts that long, but he always gives me insight and stuff to reflect upon.  


Anyhow, one of the things that we were going over was how to best utilize my days.  I have 4 businesses in addition to the most important duty of being Father and Husband.  


People often ask me how I manage, so in this episode I go over the recent tweaks to make sure I am being as efficient as possible.  I am sure you will pick something up here to put to use.  


In addition, it’s been a while since I did a ‘Silliness Report’, so there’s some of that in here too, including the new UN Lockdowns, Bill Gates buying up ‘all’ the farmland and the SpaceX rocket failing for the 2nd time.  


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Nov 21, 2023

About a year ago, I set the goal to run my first marathon.  


The jury is out if it’s a one and done.  I know better than to make that decision while in a state of euphoria and fatigue.  For now, I am just being.  


In today’s episode of ULYIS, I go over the lessons learned and the stories made from training for my first marathon to competing in my first marathon.  


I am sure you will find something useful in here.  


And, if you leave a review (help a brother out:)), and let me know, I will send you a gift in the mail.  


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Nov 14, 2023

I remember watching the movie, Cop Land, back in the day.  I took an interest because I am a big Stallone fan and it was really the first time I had heard of an actor intentionally packing on fat for a role. 


With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to let you in on how I would get yourself or myself ready for a role of being a fat guy and also getting in tip top shape, under a deadline.  


There’s many lessons in this episode, so take notes and apply what is relevant and useful.  


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Nov 7, 2023

While on my 13 mile run last week, I stopped for a few walking breaks and on those breaks I decided to record what was on my mind.  


I always find it cool and interesting to record while my mind is in an altered state, such as right after or during an intense workout or while driving and my mind is occupied.  


In this episode, I speak about specific adaptations to imposed demands, when it comes to training, Shoegate and the Ron DeSantis controversy over his actual height and more in the world of conspiracy.  


Lastly, I speak about the truth as I know it, developed through Direct Knowledge, not some shiny new textbook.  I think this is super important, more and more as people have lost the ability to think critically, especially when it comes to logic and fitness. 


And, if you leave a solid review, text it over to me and I will either ship you out a free copy of my book or a blue Panda hat, whichever you like (908-229-6666).  


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Oct 31, 2023

We first ran Ripped Dads back in 2014.  I remember being so pumped to get so many dads out for the program.  


It proved to be a LIFE changer from the outset.  


And since that time, my perspective has grown a lot, being a father myself.  


In today’s episode, I lay out the new curriculum that I’ve put together for the Ripped Dads weekly lesson.  


These areas are essential in my opinion if you want to become a better man, a fantastic father, a Ripped Dad.  

P.S. - Men, to get a free download of my private TRT seminar, go here:


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Oct 24, 2023

As I was sitting in the sauna last week, a few thoughts popped into my head.  


The thoughts led to a brief conversation in my head.  


Which led to me sitting down and recording a podcast for you.  All within the span of 30 minutes.  That is just an example of thinking differently that you can access at anytime.  


In this particular episode, I give a few examples from my own life of thinking differently including opening up despite COVID lockdowns, publicly, to national news; taking a walk-on student athlete and making him proficient in a week, how would one go about doing that?  And more, including why trying to raise your testosterone levels naturally is a fool's game.  


PLUS….I am doing something new to get more reviews on my ITunes. Whoever leaves the best review this week will win a FREE Blue Panda Hat, that I will ship out directly to you!  DM me once you’ve left the review.  


Oct 18, 2023

Last week, I sat down for my second interview and podcast with famous TV personality and superwoman, Barb Majeski.  


The first time we did it over Zoom, which was cool.  I felt elevated and I knew that I could learn a lot from Barb.  


This time, being in her presence, she is a beast!  


Her mindset about achievement and success is world class.  She doesn’t have everything she wants ‘YET’.  Key word here.  


We talk about the mindset of flying first class and also flying on your own private jet.  Which if you think is materialistic, you are missing the point, it's a MINDSET!


Barb talks about not having ocean front property, YET (she does own a beautiful home down the shore already), but she asks the people that have the beachfront homes how they got there.  


You can follow Barb on social media at barbaramajeski and keep an eye out for her new book coming out.  She also has a phenomenal challenge that begins Nov. 1 that I will personally be doing.  You can find more info out at


Oct 10, 2023

In today’s episode of the ULYIS podcast, I have some questions for you men out there.  

How often are you telling your son or daughter that you love them and that you are proud of them?

Do you carve out specific time for them?

Did you father ever tell you that he loved you and was proud of you?

What does it mean to be a man and father?

This is stuff that has been on my mind and I believe it will help all you men out there.  

And of course, I mix in a little conspiracy theory.  


Oct 3, 2023

Two weeks ago, we took a road trip up to Connecticut to give our first seminar on a national circuit.  


Who’s we?  Me, my great friend BK from Chicago and the Turkish Ok, one of the masterminds behind the up and coming media company, Has Media.  


Well, you can’t let a good opportunity go to waste and I believe in leveraging my time, so we decided to record an episode of ULYIS on the drive up there.  


We chat about many things in this off the cuff, behind the scenes conversation, including how this whole speaking tour came to be, why shame can be useful in a transformation, but you shouldn’t be the one making a person feel that shame and so much more.  


By the way, if you're interested in learning about why diets suck and they never work, then check out my upcoming Panda Diet Challenge, there's nothing else like it.


Sep 26, 2023

I cannot tell you how many times in the past few years, while having casual conversations, people have said to me, ‘This can’t be real’.  


What were they referring to?


Worldly events.  


Stuff that people are usually oblivious to, but that my endlessly curious mind cannot help but research and explore.  


Reality is indeed often stranger than fiction.  


In today’s episode, I talk about corrupt politicians and what that means for you, real life Terminator robots, Elon Musk's satellite trains, testosterone and much more!  Never know where it’s going to go once I get on a rant!


Sep 19, 2023

As you read this, I am on the way up to Connecticut or shortly will be to give the first seminar in a series on a speaking tour my great friend Brandon and I will be doing this year.  


And no doubt, I am listening to a replay of a recent podcast I did with two of the world’s greatest fighters, Mickey Gall of the UFC and future UFC champ, LJ Reboli.  


We went over the mindset of a gladiator, training, success and they even hit me with some well thought out questions.  Pretty cool when pro athletes love strength and conditioning on top of their sports skills practice, which leads to some interesting conversations.  


If you’ve ever wondered what people that are the best in the world think like, then definitely check out this episode.  It’s off the charts, maybe the best episode yet! 


Sep 13, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, one of my great friends, Brandon Kelly, was in town for a few days to hang with us.  


We took full advantage of our time together which meant a brutally hard Monday morning workout with a bunch of the guys, followed by a podcast with the two of us and another friend, Jake, from Louisiana who was in town for a Navy SEAL event.  


We chatted it up about LIFE, success, focus, drugs and so much more.  


If you take a listen you will hear my explanation of how using the analogy of a flashlight will allow you to shift your attention at any moment.  


This is key, because where your attention goes, energy flows and results will follow.  


Sep 5, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, we traveled up to Connecticut for a workout and podcast with Steve Oroscoe.  


Steve and I connected by chance.  Someone tagged me and the Liver King in one of his posts, which was about fasting, so I decided to say hi and shoot him a message.  


One thing led to another and we set a date to catch a workout and shoot some film and record a killer podcast.  


Nothing happens unless you make it happen, remember that.  


Anyhow, in this episode, Steve and I talk about: 

-Why fasting is the WAY…

-A very simple way to being fasting

-The harsh, often ignored, reality about success.  But when implemented, you can do ANYTHING….

-How to leap frog from one dream to the next, knowing that success is a continuous process


And much, much more.  


Little did I know until after the episode that Steve ran for Senate up there and potentially is eyeballing the 2026 Governors seat.  Yes, with his mindset, I have no doubt that he has a great shot at winning, which won’t surprise you after you listen to this episode.  


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