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Unlocking Your Inner Strength is about finding your inner and outer strengths. Learn how you can step into your greatness. This show blends Mind Mapping, philosophy and a lifetime of being a strength coach and bodybuilder.
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Jun 13, 2023


I met David Fishchuk through our mutual Coach a few months ago.  


I was impressed by how he was carrying himself and creating the life of his dreams at such a young age (he’s 29).  


In today’s episode, we sat down for a conversation in which David shared how he overcame the death of his brother, how he beat his addiction to adderall and pornography and how he now teaches his clients to drop all vices.  


If you are on the path of self-improvement and you think that you are the only one going through the jungle of vices, things you need to hide, know that you aren’t alone.  


Take a listen to today’s episode and gain some inspiration from David.  He’s a great young father that is going to be doing big things on this planet!


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Jun 6, 2023

Back in 1997, I began using visualization and studying visualization to help me with becoming the best basketball player I could become.  


And it has been something that has been so powerful in my life that I love sharing with you guys.  


Recently, on our trip to Jamaica, my visions became manifest, in a HUGE way.  


And it all has to do with infusing your thoughts with emotion and enthusiasm, consistently.  


In today’s episode, I go over the story of the witch doctor and my massage in which my new reality got burned into my nervous system.  


Believe it or not, either way you are right.  


Enjoy the show and don’t forget to follow me on IG at thePandamanofficial!  And if you do take the time to listen please leave the show a review! 

May 30, 2023

My video crew, the Turks, aka Has Media, has been wanting to hook me up with one of their other clients, Jake, for quite some time.  


Jake has a very interesting background, from being in the military to Mexico, back to the states and now going back to Mexico.  

Jake ran a half marathon in costume, without consuming any water and then went on to run a full marathon without any water as well.  


Jake is the type of man that when he puts his mind to something, he does it.  


He was in the corporate world for a bit, but his soul kept telling him that he was destined to become a Coach.  


I got along with him so well because he, too, follows the unconventional route in life.  


If you are in need of a shot of inspiration, check this episode out!  


You can follow Jake on all social media channels @lifelikejake.


And if you’re not already, You can follow me on IG @thepandamanofficial and on YouTube @kylenewell1000.


Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell


May 23, 2023

Kowboy Keith recently came to town and we got a killer workout in, followed by an amazing podcast episode.  


Keith is an uber entrepreneur…


He went to prison for a year..


He was on the Federal Agents most wanted list…


And he has given up all vices as he takes a new path in life.  


This episode is an inspirational tale to say the least.  


There were tears and laughter and a whole bunch of motivational nuggets for you to take from.  


If Kowboy’s story doesn’t inspire you, you might want to check your pulse, because you might be dead.  


You can follow Keith on Instagram @kowboykeith.  Be sure to check him out. 


And if you’re not already, You can follow me on IG @thepandamanofficial and on YouTube @kylenewell1000.

May 16, 2023

In today’s episode, I was fortunate to have my good buddy, Patrick Tromley, aka the Level Up Dad on the show.  


Patrick is a shining example to his 3 sons and men that he Coaches on how to be a man.  


Patrick and I discussed the lack of male leadership and the situation that we now find ourselves in as a world and as a country.  


One of the great things that you’ll gain from listening is that Patrick was in the Real Estate field for quite some time, but it never lit him up.  


It was a means to an end.  


And then, he found his true purpose, Coaching others.  


When I asked him what advice he would give his 25 year old self, he said, ‘Get into alignment quicker’.  


It’s such a rare thing to see a man that has found his true purpose and who is pursuing his true purpose.  


You will walk away a smarter person for listening to this episode, for sure!  


You can take a listen to the episode here:


And make sure to follow Patrick on Instagram @thelevelupdad.  


And if you’re not already, You can follow me on IG @thepandamanofficial and on YouTube @kylenewell1000.


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May 9, 2023

Two weekends ago, I was out at the ‘Mansion Mastermind’.  


I hired Wes Watson in February to Coach me for 6 months on the next part of my journey.  (I’ll have a YouTube video on my experience next week).  


Normally when you go to a mastermind, there are a million things to do after the fact which usually leads to nothing more than you just being pumped up for a few days and then nothing happening.  


I just got down jotting down my takeaways and there was really one thing that Wes said to me right at the end.  


He said, ‘Pandaman, you are going to be big time.  Everything is there, just keep on it.  It’s going to happen.  Just be more blunt speaking to the men out there that need you’.  


That was it, that was the thing I invested 10K into going out there for.  


It’s time for me to engage the dark side of the Panda, which I go over in this episode.  


I will no longer allow dads and men out there to passively remain weak and out of shape, because to do so would mean that I am failing with my unique gifts and I am letting that man’s children down.  


Take a listen to the episode if you’re curious about the duality of the Panda.  Which is, afterall, why I chose the Panda.  


May 2, 2023

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to have my buddy, Mike, aka GasMoney, of Norther California on the show.  


And I was impressed.  


Mike started playing travel baseball when he was 15 and quickly became better.


To the point where he walked on at D1 school, St. Mary’s and within his freshman year, got a chance to play and never left the starting line up again.  


Mike took that same approach to his fitness business and has created a world wide following.  


One of the things that Mike talks about is working with the ‘laws of the universe’.  If you find yourself chasing and wanting, you are doing things wrong.  


Allowance and belief is the way.  


You guys can follow Mike on Instagram @gasmoney1 and on YouTube at  


Apr 25, 2023

Man, my head and heart are still buzzing about after having a great conversation with my new friend Kyle Carnohan of SuperHuman Fathers!!!


This guy is a beast!!! He has 5 kids, a beautiful wife and was at the top of his game as a Fireman, or so he thought.  


Right around the birth of his baby girl just a few years ago, he had a calling that he needed to become more.  


And that path, that intuitive insight, has led to such a powerful movement in which Fathers are becoming SuperHuman.  


I have been around a lot of high level people, and I can tell you that Kyle is vibrating at a very high level.  There are so many gems, so much inspiration and tons of wisdom in this hour-long session with Kyle.  I am beyond grateful that he spent the time with me and that I get to share it with you all.  


If you want to get in touch with Kyle, you can text his real cell phone (this is not a gimmick) at 760-277-7219.  


And for his daily inspiration, you can follow him on IG @Superhumanfathers.  Or you can go to the website at or finally, watch the bombs he is putting out on his YouTube @ Superhumanfathers.  


Enjoy the show and spread the word!!! 


And if you’re not already, You can follow me on IG @thepandamanofficial and on YouTube @kylenewell1000.

Apr 18, 2023

I’ve been studying fat loss for literally 25 years now.  


That means the nitty gritty science as well as the psychological aspects of it.  


And I can tell you that the mind is the key factor in whether or not you will get results and keep those results.  


In today’s episode, I break down what these 5 factors are and how you can use them.  


Keep in mind, people will disagree with me, but in my humble but accurate opinion, these are the ONLY things that truly work.  


Apr 11, 2023

In this episode, I had the honor of sitting down with Coach G of Guerrero Fitness. 


Coach G was driving trucks for 19 years and was always in the gym.  


He was what he called puffy strong, jacked arms, but with a gut.  


Then, on Thanksgiving morning while playing handball with hid buddies, one of them called him out for having his shirt off.  That buddy put him on to Coach Wes Watson.  


Coach G was intrigued and doing his research on Coach Wes when his youngest son called him out at the dinner table for being chubby.  


That was it…


Coach G went full in on his own personal transformation that others started to take note.  

Now, Coach G is building an empire with Guerrero Fitness and it’s only just the beginning.  


Success leaves clues and in this episode, Coach G lays out his daily routine and the law of compensation.  


So, if you are after more success in life, all you have to do is listen to this episode and copy what Coach G does.  


This was one of my favorite episodes so far!


You can follow Coach on IG @guerrero__fitness and on YouTube at Geurrero Fitness Lifestyle.  


Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share the love by leaving a review and sharing the episode with someone out there that needs to hear this!  


You can follow me on IG @thepandamanofficial and on YouTube @kylenewell1000.


Enjoy the show!!!

Apr 4, 2023

4 years ago, climbing Mt. Washington was not on my radar, at ALL!


I had driven it a few times on vacation, which was terrifying because of my lizard brain response to heights.  


I’m talking like palms sweating and cold sweat on my brow.  


So, to imagine that I have attempted to climb it the past 3 years is something else.  


Each time, I get a PhD in human psychology.  


In today’s episode, I go over 3 lessons learned from this 3rd time up the Mount.  

In short: 


-The social aspect of eating and bonding


-Making a life or death decision in an instant


-Downloading direct knowledge from the Universe and God


You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what I learned in more depth.  And while you’re over there, please don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review!


Mar 28, 2023

I first met John nearly 2 years ago in a Mastermind group that we are a part of.  


John has won numerous, prestigious awards as a part of that group and he runs a thriving gym down in Texas.  


Not only that, but John is also a Doctor and he is in phenomenal shape!


But, it wasn’t easy, not by any means.  


In fact, John was, not long ago, in a depression and funk, barely making it by in his business.  


John took those darkest of times and performed mental alchemy on himself and the speed at which he totally transformed his business and life are incredible!


In fact, this may be the only show of my own that I need to go back and take notes on!!!


Enjoy the show! 

You can follow Dr. John on IG @drjohndougherty

You can follow Kyle on IG @thepandamanofficial


Mar 21, 2023

Bruno grew up in Newark, NJ in a big Italian family.  


Naturally, food was a big part of his culture.  


It’s no wonder that Bruno has gone on to become a prolific food entrepreneur and connoisseur.  


Bruno has two restaurants, 2 food trucks, the best wings in NJ and…


Has appeared on many of the nation’s top network television food shows, including Cooks vs. Cons, and…


Has not transitioned into appearing in many high level TV shows and movies.  


Bruno has an amazing story and amazing energy.  


If you’re looking for clues to success, look no further.  


You can follow Bruno on IG @madchef1964

You can follow Kyle on IG @thepandamanofficial


If you'd like to check out Bruno's restaurant it's @marleysgothamgrill

Mar 21, 2023

Man, this one was a good one!  I walked away inspired and pumped!!!


I met Brad Dunn of Reliant Fitness through our Coach, Wes Watson and I’ve been admiring his message and work in the world of inspiring, Coaching and being a Thought Leader….


Brad began his professional career as a mechanic that wound up being a standout Fire Fighter in the state of California.


His path to becoming a real life superhero began long before…way back when we was a ‘runt’ as he put it, as a senior in highschool, standing 5’5” and 130 pounds soaking wet.  


Brad has a very unique philosophy that intrigues me and takes a very spiritual approach to his lifting and physical fitness (I love it when I find another strong man that has this approach, so cool!).  


You will walk away from this episode with many lessons, but my favorite is having the indomitable mindset and discipline to know that YOU will succeed no matter what, as long as you keep your mind focused on the task at hand….


Enjoy the show!!

You can follow Brad on IG

You can follow Kyle on IG @thepandamanofficial

Mar 14, 2023

I began training Greg as a junior in high school back in 2010.  


Greg was the most explosive athlete ever to come through Newell Strength.  


Since that time, Greg has gone on to do some amazing things, all by following his unique path.  


Greg was recently the runner up on the Bachelorette.  


The amazing thing about Greg is that he turned the show down on their first offer to him because he was living by his core values.  


Greg has much wisdom and experience for someone that isn’t even 30 yet!


In this episode, you’ll get to hear about Greg’s ups and downs, from behind the scenes of the show to his father’s tragic passing.  


Mar 7, 2023

25 years or so ago, Amy Fiedler became friends with my wife Devon.  

Nowadays, they are the best of friends...

Which means that I get the benefit of getting to talk with Amy and pick her brain on a regular basis.  

Amy is a world-class Life Coach and as you will hear in this episode, her passion for Coaching grew out of a need to help herself.  

Amy's ability to ask the right questions at the right time are unparalleled.  

In this episode, you will learn about:

-The Ultimate morning routines

-What questions world-class Coaches aske themselves on a regular basis

-How bringing an open and non-judgmental mind to each situation will lead to unbelievable growth and insight

There's so much more too...

This might be the best episode that I've ever recorded, so get your notepads ready and enjoy the show! 



Feb 28, 2023

Over the past decade, a strange harmony has merged into my life.  


Much of what I teach and practice has strong roots in Indian culture. 


I did not pick this stuff up such as my Panda fasting, urine therapy, cold immersion, transcendental meditation through studying their culture….


It simply comes to me in the form of inspiration, I then apply it right away to my own life and then I teach it if its working for me.  


In today’s podcast, I go deeper into how I came up with the unconventional Panda Method that I teach.  


Remember, you can either follow the herd, or not.  The choice is yours and there is no right or wrong…


What is your spirit telling you to do?


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Feb 21, 2023

A Man Without a Plan is a Man with a Plan to Fail


Back in 2014, I was in a slump for a few months.  


I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.  


Luckily, Vince, who’s been my Coach since 2012, was able to ask me a few key questions on one of our calls to get to the bottom of it.  


It turned out, it was a simple fix.


I had, for some dumb reason, stopped planning my days out the night prior.  


Which left me feeling aimless and without purpose.  


I got back on my daily planning and the ‘fog’ lifted.  


In today’s episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength, I go into depth about how to use the Newell Strength planner and the brain science behind it.  


Feb 14, 2023


I had a concerned friend and client reach out to me while on vacation.  


He wanted to know why I was on social media so much on a vacation.  


Admittedly, that’s not what I normally do.  


In today’s episode, I explain why that was the case and why your dreams are fleeting, you have to hunt them down when the inspiration strikes. 

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Feb 7, 2023

Last weekend, I had to tell an old buddy a hard truth.  


Most people don’t like to listen to the hard truth, but, all progress starts with the truth.  


As we dive into part 2 for the Battle for Your Mind, I discuss: discipline, simple vs. easy, your body as a reflection as to what is going on in your mind and the power of having a Coach.  


Put the stuff from last episode and this episode to use and if you liked it, share it with someone that needs to hear it. 

Jan 31, 2023

This past weekend, we went skiing at Blue Mountain.  


Devon grew up skiing, I did not.  


She already has our kids whipping around the mountains, so I know that if I want to be a part of that as we grow older, I need to learn.  


Now, for me, that involves quite a bit of fear.  


In the latest episode of ULYIS, I discuss: self-doubt, self-talk, dealing with death at a very early age and physical vs. psychotic pain.  


I use the physical pain to access my psychotic pain as a chance to work the all important muscle known as the mind.  



Jan 24, 2023

Two weeks ago I had my quarterly Mastermind meeting with my CEO group.  


And that very same week, I joined a new mastermind program online.  


I am a magnet for knowledge.  




So I can improve and share.  


You see, I learn by teaching.  I grow by learning.  I grow by teaching.  


I am always seeking knowledge.  


In today’s episode of Unlocking Inner Your Inner Strength, I share with you 3 concepts that you can use to sharpen and strengthen your mind.  


Remember, it all comes down to your mind.


P.S.- For my free fasting manual and 'Lost Secrets of Fasting' audio you can go to



Jan 19, 2023

A few weeks ago, my old buddy, Carl Sanfilippo, came by for an early morning workout followed by an episode on the podcast in our new studio.  

It has been amazing to watch Carl grow and become super successful.  

So naturally, our conversation was largely about success and how he runs his companies and his life.  

I highly recommend that you take a listen and absorb what he has to say about confidence and consistency, with a little clarity mixed in.

Jan 17, 2023

A few weeks ago, Devon had a tough love conversation with me.  


She was challenging me on some of my limiting beliefs.  


And my inner wimp was squirming inside my head, I wanted to exit that conversation pronto.  


But she persisted…


And I had a breakthrough.  


Stop avoiding your shortcomings.  Stop just thinking about what you want to do.  


Do it. 


Your life is a direct reflection of your choices and actions up to this point.  


No one else is to blame.  

Jan 3, 2023

In this episode of Unlocking Your Inner Strength Kyle sits down with Tammie Starns, Ceo and Founder of Abundant Healing in Hillsborough NJ. They discuss the different ways Tammie has healed the body through the power of your mind and spirit. They discuss Abundant Healing's newest service, the Harmonic Egg and the incredible stories behind its healing power. If you want to learn more about how you can use your mind to heal your body and the amazing stories Tammie shares, listen to this episode. 


Show Notes:

0:43 - The Story Behind The Egg

12:24 - The Mind Body Connection 

16:07 - The Great Pain Deception 

22:45 - Healing From Terrible Car Accident 

34:48 - Curing A Man's Inability to Speak

39:00 - How To Visit Abundant Healing 


If you are interested in this new approach to healing check out Abundant Healing's website:


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